Regional Development Leaders and State Administrative Brokers


Regional Development Leaders

eXp RDL Regions

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RDLs are responsible for growth in their regions. They also are instrumental in building culture and increasing retention through their local leadership presence.

State Administrative Broker

SABs are the official broker with the state licensing agency. They are in charge of supervising agents in their practice of real estate. Their primary focus internally is on operations, retention, culture and productivity.

Outline of Responsibilities

Responsibility RDLSAB
Agent Vetting (Most will be auto-approved)
Commercial or Property Management
Blemishes on RE License
New in RE
Signature for ICA
Agent Attraction Questions
MLS Membership
Opening New Markets
Helping Agents with Contract Questions
Coaching and Consulting
Assignment of Mentors
Escalation point for agent, client and consumer disputes


Leaders and Brokers by State

AlabamaSoutheastIan MarshallBrent Beavers
Alberta (Canada)AlbertaWillie Ip
AlaskaNorthwestErinn NobelFrank Zellers
ArizonaSouthwestJoe SchumerthJim Nuth
ArkansasSouthernRicky TuckerDana Parent
CaliforniaCaliforniaChuck KellerRay Marquez
ColoradoSouthwestJoe SchumerthRay Sherman
ConnecticutTri State AreaJeanne BorgersAna Festa
DelawareCapitalDavid HarbourJT Takacs
FloridaFloridaRandy Rand
GeorgiaSoutheastIan MarshallKimberly Magee
HawaiiNorthwestErinn NobelJudy Vinluan
IdahoNorthwestErinn NobelRobert Bass
IllinoisNorth CentralSheri WhitePatrick Lynch
IndianaGreat LakesDavid BestVince Hopper
IowaNorth CentralSheri WhiteCraig Temple
KansasMidwestMicah MruwatChar MacCallum
KentuckyBlue RidgeStephanie Gilezan
LouisianaSouthernRicky TuckerKathy Venable
MaineNortheastAndy ArmataMelinda Torrens
MarylandCapitalDavid HarbourChris Riley
MassachusettsNortheastAndy ArmataPatrick Keeler
MichiganGreat LakesDavid BestCheryl Yost
MinnesotaNorth CentralSheri WhiteDoug Herdahl
MississippiSouthernRicky TuckerMark Metcalf
MissouriMidwestMicah MruwatAnnette Fox O-Connor
MontanaNorthwestErinn NobelDamian Forrester
NebraskaMidwestMicah MruwatRandy Carroll
Nevada - NorthSouthwestJoe SchumerthMike Wells
Nevada - SouthSouthwestJoe SchumerthKolleen Kelley
New HampshireNortheastAndy ArmataChristine Tatro
New JerseyTri State AreaJeanne BorgersJeffrey Kist
New MexicoSouthwestJoe SchumerthReg Olson
New York (excluding NYC)Tri State AreaJeanne BorgersAna Festa
North CarolinaBlue RidgeJulia Bumbgarner
North DakotaNorth CentralSheri WhiteDerek Brandenburg
OhioGreat LakesDavid BestEdward Hazners
OklahomaMidwestMicah MruwatSteven Ligon
Ontario (Canada)OntarioJohn Lusink
OregonNorthwestErinn NobelDebra Gisriel
PennsylvaniaCapitalDavid HarbourMick Marino
Rhode IslandNortheastAndy ArmataAna Festa
South CarolinaSoutheastIan MarshallJim Girard
South DakotaNorth CentralSheri WhiteNot open yet
TennesseeBlue RidgeAleah Armstrong
TexasTexasRon Dunagan
UtahSouthwestJoe SchumerthRick Southwick
VermontNortheastAndy ArmataNot open yet
VirginiaCapitalDavid HarbourKris Martin
WashingtonNorthwestErinn NobelMimi Osterdahl
Washington DCCapitalDavid HarbourRebecca Straley
West VirginiaCapitalDavid HarbourNot open yet
WisconsinNorth CentralSheri WhiteMary Lausted
WyomingNorthwestErinn NobelLonna Lamphere
Aleah Armstrong
State Administrative Broker – Tennessee

Phone: 615-512-2970
Ana Festa
State Administrative Broker – Connecticut, Rhode Island, & New York

Phone: 860-578-2623
Andy Armata
Regional Development Leader – Tri State Area

Phone: 978-479-1794
Kolleen Kelley
State Administrative Broker – Nevada

Brent Beavers
State Administrative Broker – Alabama

Phone: 256-615-2328
Char MacCallum
State Administrative Broker – Kansas

Phone: 913-782-8857
Cheryl Yost
State Administrative Broker – Michigan

Phone: 989-274-9352
Christine Tatro
State Administrative Broker – New Hampshire

Phone: 603-738-3000
Chuck Keller
Regional Development Leader – California

Phone: 310-403-6348
Damian Forrester
State Administrative Broker – Montana

Phone: 406-698-3282
Dana Parent
State Administrative Broker – Arkansas

Phone: 501-231-1222
David Best
Regional Development Leader – Great Lakes

Phone: 216-214-3813
David Harbour
Regional Development Leader – Capital

Phone: 703-928-1899
Debra Gisriel
State Administrative Broker – Oregon

Phone: 541-331-1209
Doug Herdahl
State Administrative Broker – Minnesota

Phone: 517-271-0010
Frank Zellers
State Administrative Broker – Alaska

Phone: 907-242-6717
Ian Marshall
Regional Development Leader – Southeast

Phone: 770-361-7068
Jeffrey Kist
State Administrative Broker – New Jersey

Phone: 201-805-5715
Jim Girard
State Administrative Broker – South Carolina

Phone: 864-414-4675
Jim Nuth
State Administrative Broker – Arizona

Phone: 602-525-3224
Joe Schumerth
Regional Development Leader – Southwest

Phone: 505-235-9904
Mick Marino
State Administrative Broker – Pennsylvania

Phone: 412-779-5369
JT Takacs
State Administrative Broker – Delaware

Phone: 302-222-6141
Kathy Venable
State Administrative Broker – Louisiana

Phone: 337-526-9330
Kimberly Magee
State Administrative Broker – Georgia

Phone: 404-422-6575
Lonna Lamphere
State Administrative Broker – Wyoming

Phone: 307-214-6534
Julia Bumgarner
State Administrative Broker – North Carolina

Phone: 704-236-1384
Mary Lausted
State Administrative Broker – Wisconsin

Phone: 608-412-0704
Stephanie Gilezan
State Administrative Broker – Kentucky

Phone: 502-817-6484
Micah Mruwat
Regional Development Leader – Midwest

Phone: 405-627-9156
Mimi Osterdahl
State Administrative Broker – Washington

Phone: 360-220-6787
Patrick Keeler
State Administrative Broker – Massachusetts

Phone: 603-496-5956
Patrick Lynch
State Administrative Broker – Illinois

Phone: 312-375-4494
Judy Vinluan
Judy Vinluan – Hawaii

Phone: 808-561-3449
Randy Rand
State Administrative Broker – Florida

Phone: 352-257-1106
Ray Marquez
State Administrative Broker – California

Phone: 925-575-7605
Ray Sherman
State Administrative Broker – Colorado

Phone: 303-882-1191
Kris Martin
State Administrative Broker – Virginia

Phone: 804-335-6767
Reg Olson
State Administrative Broker – New Mexico

Phone: 505-239-5310
Rick Southwick
State Administrative Broker – Utah

Phone: 801-391-7425
Ricky Tucker
Regional Development Leader – Southern

Phone: 337-319-4273
Robert Bass
State Administrative Broker – Idaho

Phone: 208-890-7776
Ron Dunagan
State Administrative Broker – Texas

Phone: 512-777-9581
Sheri White
Regional Development Leader – North Central

Phone: 608-333-3334
Steven Ligon
State Administrative Broker – Oklahoma

Phone: 405-314-8843
Vince Hopper
State Administrative Broker – Indiana

Phone: 812-734-6048
Jeanne Borgers
Regional Development Leader – Connecticut, New Jersey & New York

Phone: 862-596-9455
Melinda Torrens
State Administrative Broker – Maine

Phone: 207-776-1620
Chris Riley
State Administrative Broker – Maryland

Phone: 443-865-7352
Annette Fox O’Connor
State Administrative Broker – Missouri

Phone: 573-216-4217
Erinn Nobel
Regional Development Leader – Northwest

Phone: 360-398-3883
Mike Wells
State Administrative Broker – Nevada – North

Phone: 775-742-0490
Mark Metcalf
State Administrative Broker – Mississippi

Phone: 601-214-5451
Derek Brandenburg
State Administrative Broker – North Dakota

Phone: 701-793-9552
Edward Hazners
State Administrative Broker – Ohio

Willie Ip
Provincial Broker – Alberta

Phone: 403-614-6579
John Lusink
Provincial Broker – Ontario

Phone: 416-720-5446
Craig Temple
State Administrative Broker – Iowa

Phone: 563-357-3452
Rebecca Straley
State Administrative Broker – Washington D.C.

Phone: 540-379-1949
Randy Carroll
State Administrative Broker – Nebraska

Phone: 402-515-0699