Defining Our Values

Founder and CEO Glenn Sanford Introduces eXp Core Values at Recent Shareholder Event

By Mitch Robinson, SVP, Marketing & Communications

As a brand new employee attending our recent shareholder event in San Diego, there was much for me to learn and absorb. New co-workers to meet, engaging with agents and state brokers to get important feedback, and getting a sense of our culture and values.

Previously Assumed Values

So, I was especially happy when Founder and CEO Glenn Sanford came to the stage to share and formalize the core values of eXp. Glenn shared that he has spent a lot of time developing these values; speaking with staff and agents, and obviously doing a lot of soul searching as he thought about where eXp has been and where we are going.

As a new member of the team, it helped for me to learn about what were our previously assumed core values. They made sense, but as companies grow, values often need to be adjusted.

Glenn then shared 3 “big” values that incorporate all we do, followed by 6 cultural values. In the coming weeks and months you’ll learn much more about these shared values, but I’m of the belief that when values are on the money, they don’t need much of a definition at all.

Take a look below at our values and then skip over to our private Facebook page where we ask how you define and incorporate these important eXp values. Collaborate by sharing your transparent thoughts!