Agent Attraction Tools

eXp Explained Presentation

This slide deck is a walk-through of the eXp Realty business model for use to introduce a prospective broker or agent to the company. The full size version of the slides are available at

Banner Ads for Agent Attraction

Click for more sizes of banner ads.

Careers Website

Your personal agent attraction website is located at .careers. Use your website to refer others into the company and track applications and inquiries to you. The change in domain is a required step in the redevelopment of company websites with Kunversion. Thank you for your understanding!

Your website is (replace YourName with your FirstLast name)


Referral Links

Referral links allow you to track visitors to the eXp Realty websites. Your affiliate link will look similar to The ID YourName should be changed to be your First and Last name. Your affiliate ID ?affid=YourName can be added at the end of the URL for any page on

Glenn Sanford, Founder and CEO YouTube Interview Series

Glenn Sanford, Founder and CEO discusses eXp Realty business model. Find out what real estate agents and brokers are buzzing about in our series of YouTube videos. This is a 12 part video interview series available on YouTube.

Revenue Share Calculator

Estimate future revenue share based on recruiting and production assumptions. Calculate total revenue share for all 7 levels. Go to the Revenue Share Calculator.

Detailed Revenue Share Calculator

Dive further into the numbers. Enter the number of recruits and the GCI for each level. The GCI for each person at that level is assumed. For example: Placing 5 people in Level 1 at $75,000 GCI will equal a total of $3,750,000 GCI for that level. Calculations are adjusted for the eXp Realty cap. Go to the Detailed Revenue Share Calculator.

Brokerage Comparison Calculator

Calculate the net difference of eXp income compared to other brokerage scenarios. Go to the Brokerage Comparison Calculator.