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Let the Games Begin!

Don’t miss your chance to regale your friends and family with amazing stories about your summer as an Olympian … at eXp Olympics! eXp Olympics is a fun and competitive team activity reminiscent of The Amazing Race! Show off your teamwork skills in a variety of games such as … Flour pass: From hand to […]

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October in Florida? You bet!

Planning an event for one thousand or more of your closest soon-to-be friends is both scary and exhilarating — and that’s just the way I like it. Our team has put a ton of effort into planning our October event and we’ll be working on it hard until the last guest returns home. Our guiding […]

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eXp Presents: Stefan Swanepoel RE Trends for 2013 and Beyond

Empower YOUR Business By Understanding The Current Trends In Real Estate The Swanepoel TRENDS Report is widely accepted as the leading source of real estate strategic knowledge that not only tracks trends, but objectively monitors shifts in thinking, innovation, and new business opportunities. eXp had the privilege and rare opportunity to present The New York Times […]

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