Let the Games Begin!

eXp Special EventDon’t miss your chance to regale your friends and family with amazing stories about your summer as an Olympian … at eXp Olympics!

eXp Olympics is a fun and competitive team activity reminiscent of The Amazing Race! Show off your teamwork skills in a variety of games such as …

Flour pass: From hand to hand the flour flows, over your heads and down the row. Be careful to hold on to as much as you can, otherwise you’ll become as white as the sand. The team with the most flour in the final bucket wins.

Superball Scrabble: The swimmers of your group will chase down letters in the ocean’s waves and bring them to the retrievers, who will bring the letters to the spellers of your group. Each team will then have a designated amount of time to spell out as many words as possible in scrabble form.

Executive Shuffle: On wooden skis your team will go, shuffling through the “Florida snow”. Cheering “right, left, right” will help you across. Show the other teams that you’re the boss.

eXp Olympics is held on the resort’s private beach on Monday from 9 – 11:30 a.m. Dress for water and sand activities, and don’t forget your sunscreen.

Get your ticket to eXp Olympics during registration for the main event … and make sure to book your hotel at the same time as space is limited.

See you on the beach!

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