Big Spring Pay-Out for eXp Brokers and Agents

BELLINGHAM, WA – eXp Realty, a national cloud-based real estate brokerage, announced today that it paid out close to $28,000 in revenue sharing to its brokers and agents in the month of May. As eXp Realty President, Brian Culhane, noted upon receiving the revenue share numbers, “I see many car and even a few mortgage payments being paid by eXp this month!”

The efficiencies created by the eXp Realty’s unique use of technology, while providing an agent support structure and social experience, creates a cost savings that the company can pass on to its agents in the form of monthly revenue-share compensation.

When compared to profit-sharing programs in the real estate industry, eXp’s stands out above the crowd — the eXp Realty revenue share program pays you residual income from your recruits, regardless of office or company profitability.

Some agents earned over $4000 for the month and that number will only increase. In addition, you’re at 100% as soon as you hit your cap (an easy thing to do). If you could use extra money in your bank account without putting in the hard work for it, contact eXp Realty at

eXp Realty has agents in 25 states and has effectively eliminated traditional brick and mortar environments (and the costs associated with them) in favor of a fully-immersive, 3-D, virtual office environment where agents, brokers and staff collaborate across state borders while learning and transacting business from anywhere in the world.

Learn more about eXp Realty, its customer-centric focus and extraordinary agent service at

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