Innovative Real Estate Company Opens in Oklahoma

BELLINGHAM, WA – Tulsa broker, Darryl Baskin, has announced that he will be heading up the expansion and growth of eXp Realty in the state of Oklahoma, starting immediately.

Baskin has been on the cutting edge of real estate for more than two decades and has been known for his “futuristic ideas.” Now, twenty-two years after his entry into real estate, Baskin still represents the Future of Real Estate in Tulsa and has solidified that moniker with his move to eXp Realty.

“I see incredible benefits now and in the future with eXp,” says Baskin. “I had been searching for the next game changer and this is it. Oklahoma will be on the leading edge of real estate with eXp Realty; tomorrow’s agents will be working the way eXp agents are working today.”

CEO Glenn Sanford is excited about the company’s growth in Oklahoma. “eXp Realty has selected Darryl Baskin as our representative in Tulsa because of his forward-thinking outlook and reputation for bringing new technology to the real estate market. I couldn’t be happier about his decision to join us.”

“My clients expect me to be The Future of Real Estate through tools and technology and that is what I will continue to bring to the market,” Baskin says. “eXp represents the next exciting phase of my real estate career.”

Darryl Baskin can be reached at [email protected] or 918-732-9732. Learn more about eXp Realty in Oklahoma at

About eXP

eXp Realty has effectively eliminated traditional brick and mortar environments and the costs associated with them, in favor of a national full service, collaborative cloud-based environment where agents, brokers and staff collaborate across state borders while learning and transacting business from anywhere in the world. eXp Realty is in 25 states at this printing and growing rapidly.

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