eXp’s Cultural Corner with Brian Culhane

Path to the CloudAs we wrap up July I think a fitting theme to focus on is our independence. One of the big cultural concepts we talk a lot about internally at eXp is “Setting Us Free”. Freedom and independence are never more appreciated than when you are laying in a bed for 23.5 out of 24 hours a day with round-the-clock nurses, physical therapists, and family members helping you with the most mundane of tasks as you get through a very traumatic injury.

Well thats exactly where I found myself these last couple weeks as I underwent my final leg (no pun intended) of my 2 year Broken Hip Saga and got a hip replacement. For many of you who don’t know, I fell off my mountain bike 2 years ago, just going around the block and was unable to walk for 8 months as they tried to get my hip to grow back together 20 months later, it didn’t heal correctly and so, I had to go in for full hip replacement and go through another recovery period. Thankfully this one will be 10x’s shorter than the last time around, but it still left me with some deep thoughts about Life and Purpose and Family and Friends and being able to provide.

eXp Realty Rev Share is my Business Disaster Relief Fund

I can say without question, that had I not have grown an eXp Agent Network through attracting others to join our brokerage and had eXp not had a Revenue Sharing Plan, I don’t think I would have made it through these last 2 years unscathed or intact financially. As a commission based sales person normally you’re only as good as your last sale or what you can catch with your own two hands and feet. But at eXp we espouse setting ourselves free, not just free from antiquated systems or freedom from bad support, but ultimately setting us free financially. Freedom from that painful cycle of making money, spending money, being broke, and having to rinse and repeat endlessly until we can show no more or take on no more listings.

If I was not a part of eXp Realty and was not taking advantage of the most lucrative passive income opportunities in business, I would probably had to file for BK and most likely lost our home and had to displace my family. Thankfully, I had built up a strong eXp Agent Network and that Rev Share income was able to pay my monthly expenses and even some medical bills. Thankfully my Brokerage shared back with me that revenue otherwise my last 2 years would have been a very scary reality.

business-relief-fundI now refer to my eXp Rev Share as my Business Disaster Relief Fund because it provided my family and I with the freedom and independence to address my injury and long recovery the way it needed to be addressed, and it gave me relief to know that my family was going to be taken care of even though I couldn’t work the way I was used to.

Feel free to use my story and share my eXperience with others as you go forward in attracting others to our brokerage. I can say without question, that no other real estate company would have given me the tools of independence that eXp has given me and now I am back on the mend and able to focus on growing that opportunity unabated. Watch out world, here we come!