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Glenn Sanford's AvatarHow often have you visited the actual offices of the companies you are a shareholder or prospective shareholder in?

Visit eXp Cloud Campus

Over the years as an investor I have had an opportunity to visit probably 150 or so companies that I had an interest in either investing in or becoming a shareholder in.  These tended to be smaller companies however being able to be a fly on the wall of these companies and watch the comings and goings in the offices of these companies influenced my desire to become a shareholder or to stay away.  Obviously there are the financial statements, and the executive bios that you can read online as well as the description of the business and whether they are growing or now, however getting one’s hands dirty so to speak by visiting the companies definitely helped me in my decision making process.  How many of you would have liked to be in the garage with Steve Jobs and Wozniak? How about Bill Gates, Steve Balmer and Paul Alan when they were getting started?  If you would have visited them would you have caught onto the vision?  On the flip side, what would have been your thoughts if you had had a chance to visit Blockbuster’s head office or Border’s Books prior to their ultimate demise?  Could those have been influential to your decision making process of recognizing a winner early on or getting out of a loser?  I’m not talking about Insider information.  I’m talking about seeing and observing the attitudes of those who were in the companies at the time.  IMHO those attitudes are great indicators of the future of companies.

I’d like to personally invite you as a prospective shareholder and/or present Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 11.33.22 AMshareholder to come and visit our offices as well.  Not our physical offices since in reality outside of a small accounting office in Bellingham Washington and various offices around the US and Canada which are in place primarily for compliance reasons (certain states don’t understand the concept of Cloud-based yet), our real office is on the Cloud.  Literally you can visit our office by clicking the link at the top of the site (“Visit the Cloud Campus”) or you can use this link inside this post.  BTW: Did I tell you you can log in without registration for free!  How cool is that?

As a side note to enter the Cloud-campus you will need to use Firefox on the PC or Safari on the Mac.  It turns out that Google Chrome earlier this year changed the way that plug-ins / extensions work so Google Chrome doesn’t support the campus.  That being said the developer is working on updating the platform so that it can be access via Chrome in the next few months once again so if you are like me you’ll be able to get in.

Investor KioskWhen you are navigating our Campus / Island be sure to check out our Investor Kiosk on the back side of the Campus.  This is really a place that we can meet-up and talk about the Public Company and the ins and outs of being a shareholder.  We actually plan to do some shareholder meet-ups in the Cloud-office from time to time, so if that is of interest definitely check it out.

Glenn Sanford's Private OfficeWe do have a few additional private servers you can also visit. I actually have a private office that is pretty cool with its own private office and board room.  Also we have an Agent Services Loft that we can invite you into as well during our walk around.

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