eXp World Construction Improvements!

One of the great things about eXp World is that we get gleaming new buildings without ever enduring scaffolding and construction hats.

Tech Outpost: We moved from the temporary space to a new, super cool Tech Outpost building where you can get tech support or meet with the support team. It’s straight ahead and on your right when you land in the world.

The new multi-story Tech Outpost!

There is a brand new accounting building where you can talk to the team or grab a private meeting space. From the Welcome Area take an immediate left and follow the path, you will see it straight ahead.

Accounting’s new building has plenty of private meeting spaces.

Transaction Team:
The lobby has been redesigned with thoughtfully positioned chairs and tables. Come with your questions or sit for a spell.

The Transaction Team has a new lobby, but also check out the upstairs view.

New-User Landing Spot:
First-time users will land right by the information desk so they can immediately ask questions.

3D Voice: Can you hear me now?! Not unless you’re in my line of sight! Now only avatars in your line of sight can hear you. This is super helpful in large spaces and multi-floor buildings.

Performance Improvements: Now furniture loads as you approach and you also can adjust preferences to lower the distance a user can see (click on the three gears in the upper right, choose preferences and then low draw distance).

If you don’t these updates, try logging out and back in. There may be a slightly longer start up, but then come in and take a stroll around the new and improved grounds.

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