It’s a New World

As eXp Realty grows, the place where we communicate, collaborate and have fun needs to grow right along with it.

On Tuesday, we will launch a new version of eXp World that includes new, creative elements as well as performance, stability and usability improvements. Users will be able to experience new features that are based on feedback from agents, brokers and staff such as additional women’s clothing, emojis and even water sports you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home office!

We’ve heard from many agents that they want to work alongside others instead of by themselves in eXp World. To that end, we are testing a shared working environment where users can build community and collaborate in a team room. Team rooms are ideal for agent teams or state brokers. During the next few months, we will gather feedback on this concept and determine if groups want to “lease” team rooms.

It’s a new eXp world. Attend the eXp World Secrets Unveiled class or just get in there and explore the new and improved features:

1. Additional women’s clothing: New tops, jackets, skirts, pants and shoes. Go to settings in the top right-hand side of the screen and select “Change Avatar”.

Additional women’s clothing

2. Emojis for chat: Feeling a little sadness, joy or anger? Add some emotion to your chat. Just click on the emoji icon in the chat window, select and press enter.

Emojis for chat

3. Power boats in the lagoon: Take these out for a spin! From the “Welcome Area” take a right past the “Tech Outpost” and walk to the water.

Power boats in the lagoon

4. Co-working in the cloud: Test the co-working concept and see how you like it. Go to the first skyscraper, walk to the front doors and enter. Be sure to send us your feedback.

Co-working in the cloud

5. Share any website: With the new integrated browser, now users can share and interact with any website from every meeting room.

6. Simple screen share: Share a screen more easily with fully integrated or a personal account.

How to screen share with

  1. Click on the screen you wish to share on
  2. Click on “Share Your Screen” icon in lower right
    Click on “Share Your Screen” icon in lower right
  3. Follow the prompts on to set up an account (new users)
  4. Click on “Host”
  5. Use the control panel to select what you wish to share
    Use the control panel to select what you wish to share
    Use the control panel to select what you wish to share

7. Resizeable window: Easily resize the eXp World window by dragging or clicking on the “minimize/maximize” browser button.

8. Improved YouTube support: Videos automatically go to full screen and play/pause is synced with other users.

9. Improved Google slides support: Edit in eXp World. Enter link address in lower right URL box to automatically present.

To install the new version (starting Oct. 31):

Want to learn more?

Join the eXp World Secrets Unveiled class to learn how to maximize eXp World, the tools available and the secrets that are hidden within our cloud campus environment. Upcoming classes: