Video & eXp: Where We Are and Where We Are Going

Almost everyday, our marketing team or one of our agents has a great idea about a new video that can help our company continue to grow. That makes me happy as we have plans for video in the near future, and it has a direct tie to my past experience and passion.

A long time ago, after I graduated with a marketing degree, I had this crazy thought that television was lacking in marketing pros that also could make commercials, direct the news and even be on the air from time to time. I realized that dream and spent the next dozen years working at TV stations across the Midwest. I worked with local merchants to help them gain new customers, produced local newscasts, made smart and dumb programming decisions, and was even part of a classic TV blooper that Dick Clark showed on national TV.

A lot has changed. Today, anyone with a phone can make a video that used to cost thousands of dollars, and the internet allows for immediate distribution. For the most part, it’s a fantastic advancement for all of us who want to share everything from a business opportunity to that favorite karaoke performance.

At eXp Realty, we’ve made a few videos that agents like to use, but as our new marketing team has worked hard to refine our messaging, it’s now time to get off the sidelines and get into the game.

Our plan is to consistently provide videos that tie to the many benefits of being part of eXp Realty. Just like how we provide a variety of collateral pieces (with more always in the pipeline), video is also an important asset you’ll see from us in 2018. These videos generally will be less than 4 minutes, and feature not only images and on-target messages, but also agents from around the country and staff.

Initially, the videos we produce will focus on these areas:

  • Our history & business model
    (includes areas such as cloud office, training, collaboration, agent ownership) 
  • eXp World/Tools & Technology
    (includes eXp World, eXp Enterprise) 
  • Your Business, Your Way
    (includes core and flexible services) 
  • Behind the Scenes
    (includes organization & core values) 
  • Joining the Team
    (includes equity programs, revenue share & more)

Our timeline has the first videos completed before the beginning of April. We’ll look to feedback from the AAC and others to make sure these videos tie to our accepted practices and culture.

Our goal is to provide professionally produced videos to our 6,000+ agents at no cost during the coming months and years so stay tuned!