New in eXp World: Put Your Hands in the Air

As eXp Realty grows, the place where we communicate, collaborate and have fun needs to grow right along with it. Next time you log into eXp World, check out these new features.

Have a question? Raise Your Hand!

A Raised Hand icon will appear above your avatar’s head when you have a question. When you are done asking your question, select Put Hand Down.

Presenters: Filter the attendees list by: Sort by Raised Hands

Easier File Sharing

Share files from your local computer in the chat with the new File Upload ability.

User Interface Updates


  • Preferences menu
  • Voice Options menu
  • Remote Images can now be set as clickable links.
  • Usernames and Titles are shown only when a user is near.
  • When a mouse is hovered over the head of an avatar, the username and title will become visible at any distance.
  • Sit Down and Stand Up buttons for nearby chairs.


  • Avatar options screen
  • Remote Image menu

Tech Outpost (Tech Support)

Reorganized meeting areas to better accommodate agents seeking support.

Human Resources

Addition of web board and remote image boards.

Corporate Towers

An open-concept lobby is now available on the ground floor.

Auditoriums and Halls


  • When a moderator moves their mouse to the top of the screen, they are able to expand the seating, allow for “breakout” groups of chairs, dim the lighting, and mute all participants.
  • Expandable Lecture Hall with ‘breakout’ system for groups of chairs


  • Free Conference Call viewer now fills the screen better


Enforce size limits on Remote Image textures to avoid memory issues.

Art Updates

Female avatars have new shoe options: sneakers, flats, embellished flats, lace-up loafers. Avatar Name visibility improvements.