Building a Powerful Company to Serve Powerful Agents

At eXp Realty we are built to serve agents. But not just any group of agents … we are built to serve powerful agents.

Agents with real “power” are those with the professionalism, energy and confidence to have a positive impact on others in the communities they serve. These successful agents are attracted to eXp Realty for many reasons, including a unique opportunity to own a piece of the company and have a voice in the development of tools and services that help build their own business, within ours.

With their input, we’re focusing on four areas to help agents build their businesses:

And agents are coming fast. Just last month, we announced we have exceeded 8,000 agents, an increase of 196% during the past year. While the quantity is impressive, so is the quality. We are proud of our agents and here is just one example of why.

Last summer, Hurricane Harvey slammed Texas for days leaving parts of the state submerged under the most rain ever recorded by one storm in the United States. eXp Realty agent George Huntoon risked his own life to rescue dozens of Houston-area flood victims. During four days, George and his rescue partners evacuated at least 100 people from dangerous surges. George embodies our core values and the spirit of the eXp Realty agent community.

Our agents are attracted to eXp Realty in large part because we share their values. These include: Community, Service, Sustainability, Collaboration, Transparency, Integrity, Innovation, Agile and Fun.

Adhering to our strong sense of core values has created a consistent environment in which our agents thrive and share their ideas. It is what keeps our NPS ratings above a commendable 71 with our agents and provides a solid foundation for each of them to bring like-minded agents on board.

These same values are the reasons cited by incoming staff as to why they chose eXp Realty. Our staff is the backbone of our company and the reason we are a powerful organization. As I shared in a recent post, we are as committed to support our powerful staff as we are our powerful agents.

Specifically, our company is committed to a two-part strategy in support of our staff. First, we must create an environment where our staff can grow, prosper and become more powerful. We understand that as our staff increases their value they will be more attractive to other companies. So, the second part of our strategy is to create such a positive and supportive environment that our staff won’t want to leave.

We are delighted that our commitment to create a positive work environment was recognized by our staff with a top ranking from Glassdoor. We believe our strategy is working.

I am proud to work with my fellow Board members in support of a leadership team committed to continuing to attract and retain powerful staff that serves an ever-growing group of truly outstanding, powerful agents.