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With Unbelievable Growth Comes More Resources

Last month when we hired real estate industry veteran Mary Frances Coleman, the response from you was incredible. It was inspiring to see the warm welcome you all gave Mary Frances. One reason we sought her out was for her broad operational skills where she ran entire businesses. Previously, Mary Frances was CEO and president […]

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Come Together, Right Now at EXPCON

For the past few weeks, you’ve probably heard over and over about EXPCON 2017 and the fantastic value you’ll get by attending. Well, I want to tell you myself — believe the hype! This will be our fourth EXPCON and I know without a doubt it will top the rest. Why? Because of all of […]

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Glenn’s Perspective #2: Gratitude

Last week I had an opportunity to meet a gentleman named Darren Jacklin while in a meeting in Kelowna, British Columbia. Darren works primarily as a corporate trainer working with executive teams as well as sales teams get better results.  To be in Darren’s presence is infectious, to say the least.  He’s a dynamic individual […]

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Glenn’s Perspective #1: T3Summit

Last week I had an opportunity to go to the T3Summit in Las Vegas hosted by Stefan Swanepoel. It was an amazing event with some absolutely Amazing presenters. The first Keynote was by a gentleman named Darren Hardy who is the Publisher of Success Magazine. To say he shifted my direction over the last week and a […]

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