eXp Realty Announces Partnership with New Story

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Family of Agents and Brokers Surpass Stated Goal within Hours of Challenge to Help those in Great Need

BELLINGHAM, WA – October 12,  2016 – eXp Realty, the Agent-Owned Cloud Brokerage® (eXp World Holdings, Inc. OTCQB: EXPI) today announced a partnership with New Story, a venture backed charitable organization that builds homes for $6,000 each in impoverished areas, most notably Haiti, a nation still trying to recover from the 2010 earthquake that claimed closed to 300,000 lives. Tens of thousands of Haitians continue to live in makeshift tent communities without housing and  the safety and protection that it affords. Haiti was also hit hard last week by Hurricane Matthew.

eXp Realty announced the partnership during its third annual company convention in San Antonio, Texas last Friday, challenging its agents and brokers to raise $18,000 in order to fund the construction of 3 new homes. The company achieved its goal within 3 hours of the announcement and has raised more than $35,000 to help fund additional construction.

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“We are honored and deeply grateful to the eXp Realty community, whose members have immediately demonstrated a great generosity of resources and spirit to help families in need,” stated Brett Hagler, CEO and Cofounder of New Story. “eXp Realty agents understand that talent is universal but that opportunity is not and they recognize that a home provides the foundation for family, for safety, and for the creation and pursuit of opportunity.”


Learn More about New Story: https://www.newstorycharity.org/

New Story is a 501c3 non-profit that builds homes for $6,000 in impoverished areas. New Story’s infrastructure costs and salaries are underwritten by private organizations, allowing the charity to allocate 100% of donations to work for the direct benefit of people in need. New Story homes are built using local workers and local resources, adding an extra layer of contribution to the local people. In addition, those who donate to New Story receive a video showcasing the home that their contribution made possible along with the family whose members are assuming occupancy.

To date, New Story has built hundreds of homes in Haiti all of which withstood without any significant damage the impact of Hurricane Matthew when it hit the island nation hard last week, causing large numbers of additional fatalities, devastating destruction, widespread famine, and likelihood of disease.

“We  have been working to identify a way in which to give back to those in need and to satisfy the appetite among our agents and brokers to identify and serve a greater purpose as a central component of their businesses,” said eXp Realty CEO, Jason Gesing. “We are deeply moved by the passion of New Story in fulfillment of its mission and its commitment to ensuring that every dollar donated goes directly to those in need. We are also proud of the generosity displayed by our family of more than 1,800 agents and brokers across the country and in parts of Canada, and are committed to making an impact that grows as we do over the coming years.”

About New Story

New Story,  a model developed in the prestigious Y Combinator, is disrupting traditional charity by utilizing 100% of donations for families in desperate need with full transparency. By donating to New Story, you know exactly where every dollar is spent in the rebuilding efforts. What others have to say: CNN ForbesTechCrunchFast Company

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