Meet Your Regional Development Leaders!

Learn what they do and how to find yours

By Jason Gesing, Chief Executive Officer, eXp Realty, and Kathy Gordon, Vice President of Brokerage Operations, eXp Realty

We recently announced the formation of two new leadership groups at eXp — Regional Development Leaders and State Administrative Brokers.

Today, we are thrilled to unveil the names of the Regional Development Leaders as well as introduce a couple of new State Administrative Brokers.

But, first, why and what do they do?

As we continue our explosive growth, it is important to make sure we are adequately staffed to help agent-owners with their daily needs. Previously, each state had one “State Broker” and that individual had to wear many hats. Now, growth and attraction processes are split from operations, providing you more and faster support.

eXp Realty Regions

eXp Realty Regions

Regional Development Leaders, or RDLs, are responsible for growth in their regions. They also are instrumental in building culture and increasing retention through their local leadership presence. So, if you have a question about agent attraction, opening new markets or agent vetting, this is your go-to person.

State Administrative Brokers, or SABs, are the official broker with the state licensing agency. They are in charge of supervising agents in their practice of real estate. Their primary focus internally is on operations, retention, culture and productivity. They can help you with contract questions, client and consumer disputes, and much more.

Sounds great, but how do I find mine?

We created a handy eXp Cloud resource with everything you need to know — from responsibilities to a sortable list of RDLs and SABs. You will see a few open roles, but, rest assured, that we are on the hunt for the right culture and experience fit for your region. In the meantime, for RDL questions, contact Vikki Bartholomae ([email protected]) and Kathy ([email protected]) for SAB-related questions.

We appreciate the expert knowledge and leadership from these individuals!

Leaders and Brokers by State