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With Unbelievable Growth Comes More Resources

Mary Frances Coleman

Mary Frances Coleman, chief operating officer at eXp Realty

Last month when we hired real estate industry veteran Mary Frances Coleman, the response from you was incredible. It was inspiring to see the warm welcome you all gave Mary Frances.

One reason we sought her out was for her broad operational skills where she ran entire businesses. Previously, Mary Frances was CEO and president at Realty Executives, LLC and also vice president of operations at HomeSmart International, both leading international brokerages.

Today, we are excited to share with you that Mary Frances will assume the newly established role of chief operating officer at eXp Realty and will report to eXp Realty CEO Jason Gesing. Mary Frances will leverage her extensive experience to oversee the operational parts of eXp Realty, including growth, productivity and compliance. She will partner with Kee Wah Chung, Alan Goldman, Scott Petronis and Mitch Robinson to ensure all activities are agent-focused and agent-driven. To this end, Mary Frances also will work closely with the eXp Realty Agent Advisory Council.

Kathy Gordon and Vikki Bartholomae have done a stellar job creating and implementing the important regional development leader and state administrative broker roles at eXp Realty. This great work will continue with Mary Frances providing directional leadership.

Allowing Jason, Kathy and Vikki to focus on their core area of responsibilities will benefit all current and future agents.

As we scale with this unbelievable growth, it is imperative that we put more resources toward the internal workings of eXp Realty. Mary Frances will be the yin to Jason’s yang. Now Jason will be able to spend more time leading our agent attraction efforts throughout North America, while Mary Frances leads the decision-making process on policy and financial matters. I’m counting on her to make important decisions that benefit our agents and also the ongoing sustainability of our company.

It is also important that we put more resources toward growth, productivity and compliance to ensure success now and in the years to come. I strongly believe we have the right leaders in place to continue to scale the company. I get more pumped every day about where we’re headed. I hope you do, too. #SuperStoked

Glenn Sanford
Founder, chairman and CEO of eXp World Holdings

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Come Together, Right Now at EXPCON


Glenn Sanford and Ian Marshall

Ian Marshall and Glenn Sanford at EXPCON 2016

For the past few weeks, you’ve probably heard over and over about EXPCON 2017 and the fantastic value you’ll get by attending. Well, I want to tell you myself — believe the hype!

This will be our fourth EXPCON and I know without a doubt it will top the rest. Why? Because of all of you — your passion for eXp and the awesome community we’ve created as a team.

From eXp golf and Olympics to the general session and networking events, there isn’t one minute you’ll question the benefits. What you’ll experience is everyone collaborating and having fun while sharing best practices, commiserating over a challenge, learning a new skill or toasting a win.

“The world we live in has changed forever” – Stefan Swanepoel at EXPCON 2016

This is our time to come together as one big eXp family. One of the great benefits for me is that I get to see and engage with all of you in the community. I want everyone to stop me in the hall, on the beach or wherever and introduce yourself. We may be more than 4,000 agents strong now, but I honestly care deeply about you and this great company we are building. I genuinely want to see each and every one of you in Fort Lauderdale in October!

It also is super important that we stay as a team at the fabulous event hotel — registering without also securing a hotel room is like buying the cotton candy and popcorn, but not a ticket to the circus. It was sweet, but you didn’t get the whole experience.

Marriott Harbor Beach Resort for EXPCON 2017

So, don’t spend time sweating in taxis or rental cars when you can spend that time socializing with friends at the beautiful resort. By the end of this week, I hope you register for the event and the hotel. These are two separate things you can do at the same time at Some nights are in danger of selling out, so register and book your hotel room today!

If you have any questions at all, just email [email protected].

Until then, see you in eXp World!

Glenn Sanford
Founder, chairman and CEO of eXp World Holdings

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Glenn’s Perspective #2: Gratitude


Last week I had an opportunity to meet a gentleman named Darren Jacklin while in a meeting in Kelowna, British Columbia.

Darren Jacklin

Darren Jacklin

Darren works primarily as a corporate trainer working with executive teams as well as sales teams get better results.  To be in Darren’s presence is infectious, to say the least.  He’s a dynamic individual who oozes positivity.  In speaking with a number of people I know that know Darren personally this has been Darren’s persona as long as they have known him.  In addition to being a very positive person Darren is very knowledgeable and articulate in the area of personal motivation.

I asked Darren if there was one thing which he did as a practice to stay the positive person that he is.  Without hesitation he said, “Gratitude.”  Having Gratitude for everyone and everything.

Over the last couple of weeks the subject of Gratitude has shown up many times in my world as a practice which separates the great from just the good.  Darren Hardy in the Compound Effect speaks of being grateful as one of the major fuels for super productivity and it really makes sense.  If you are grateful and feel gratitude toward all the people, circumstances, and things in your life you will naturally be more positive upbeat and have more energy for the day and for life.

If we wake up everyday with gratitude in our hearts for everything that has happened in the past and gratitude for everything that will happen in the future we will by nature attract into our lives those things which support and nurture us.  Working in sales we are sometimes more interested in the outcome rather than the journey.  If we take time out for gratitude for every situation we find ourselves in maybe, just maybe the outcome we were looking for will happen effortlessly.

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Glenn’s Perspective #1: T3Summit


Last week I had an opportunity to go to the T3Summit in Las Vegas hosted by Stefan Swanepoel. It was an amazing event with some absolutely Amazing presenters.

The first Keynote was by a gentleman named Darren Hardy who is the Publisher of Success Magazine. To say he shifted my direction over the last week and a half would be an understatement, however I really give credit to Stefan in putting together a who’s who of the industry to help shape the direction of those who are leading real estate organizations into the future. Some of the individuals who we had an opportunity to listen to and learn from included the CEO of HomeServices of America, the CEO of Coldwell Banker and my personal favorite was Mark Willis, CEO of Keller Williams.

This last week I put in place a number of new habits which I intend use to stay on track with a number of goals which I think are important to our collective success.

I read the above quote this morning… It’s a Jim Rohn quote. I was led to Jim Rohn as there are a number of people who have quoted him over the years and sighted him as one of their mentors. Darren Hardy quotes him liberally in a audio book I’m currently listening to called, The Compound Effect.

The quote that resonated with me the most this morning is this:

Formal Education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune. – Jim Rohn

I think the reality is that I personally believe we are all our own personal science experiments. We are pushing the buttons of life to see what happens. We also have self imposed pain tolerances… Those pain tolerances determine to some extent the amount of risk (emotionally, financially, spiritually) that we are willing endure to determine what is real for us, however the reality is that I think we all know that most of what “we desire” (we are goal seeking creatures – so we all desire something) lies just outside our comfort zone. Our comfort zone is for all intents and purposes defined by our education to this point of our life, whether formally or even informal (personal observations and experimentation’s)…

My personal opinion is that the most important self-education that any of us will work on is our Leadership Education… Keep in mind that Leadership is like riding a bike. Reading about Leadership won’t make you a leader just as reading about riding a bike won’t make you a great bike rider… However the business we are in IMHO is working on you (me in my case)… If you do you will attract the types of people who are looking for the leadership that you provide and your business will grow accordingly…

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