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Agents: What’s New In Enterprise For You?

If you haven’t visited eXp Enterprise lately, this is a great time to do it. We just launched several new features that will improve your experience and give better visibility into account details.

Come see what eXp Enterprise can do for you today!

  • Share more about you! Now you can add more text to your bio — up to 9,000 characters, previously 500.

  • Be in the know about your fees. With one glance, you can see a summary of fees and pay them right from your Agent Dashboard. Now when you have outstanding fees, a link will appear under the Unpaid Fees section. Pay My Bill Online allows you to add, update and delete credit card information through eXp Enterprise. Don’t see the link right now? It will appear once you have fees to pay.

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Video & eXp: Where We Are and Where We Are Going

Almost everyday, our marketing team or one of our agents has a great idea about a new video that can help our company continue to grow. That makes me happy as we have plans for video in the near future, and it has a direct tie to my past experience and passion.

A long time ago, after I graduated with a marketing degree, I had this crazy thought that television was lacking in marketing pros that also could make commercials, direct the news and even be on the air from time to time. I realized that dream and spent the next dozen years working at TV stations across the Midwest. I worked with local merchants to help them gain new customers, produced local newscasts, made smart and dumb programming decisions, and was even part of a classic TV blooper that Dick Clark showed on national TV.

A lot has changed. Today, anyone with a phone can make a video that used to cost thousands of dollars, and the internet allows for immediate distribution. For the most part, it’s a fantastic advancement for all of us who want to share everything from a business opportunity to that favorite karaoke performance.

At eXp Realty, we’ve made a few videos that agents like to use, but as our new marketing team has worked hard to refine our messaging, it’s now time to get off the sidelines and get into the game.

Our plan is to consistently provide videos that tie to the many benefits of being part of eXp Realty. Just like how we provide a variety of collateral pieces (with more always in the pipeline), video is also an important asset you’ll see from us in 2018. These videos generally will be less than 4 minutes, and feature not only images and on-target messages, but also agents from around the country and staff.

Initially, the videos we produce will focus on these areas:

  • Our history & business model
    (includes areas such as cloud office, training, collaboration, agent ownership) 
  • eXp World/Tools & Technology
    (includes eXp World, eXp Enterprise) 
  • Your Business, Your Way
    (includes core and flexible services) 
  • Behind the Scenes
    (includes organization & core values) 
  • Joining the Team
    (includes equity programs, revenue share & more)

Our timeline has the first videos completed before the beginning of April. We’ll look to feedback from the AAC and others to make sure these videos tie to our accepted practices and culture.

Our goal is to provide professionally produced videos to our 6,000+ agents at no cost during the coming months and years so stay tuned!

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Introducing eXp Enterprise Dashboard: Your Control Panel to Pilot Your Business

eXp Enterprise Dashboard

eXp Enterprise Dashboard

eXp believes in constant innovation to provide the best technology tools and services for agents to help them manage and grow their business.

Next week, we will launch eXp Enterprise Dashboard that will provide agents a quick view into their important business metrics such as production, transactions, commissions, capping status, revenue share and fees paid. Dashboard gives agents autonomy and greater visibility into metrics and information that’s crucial to their real-time needs.

Earlier this month, we introduced eXp Enterprise Launchpad that provides one-click access to important eXp apps and websites in one place. Agents now can easily locate eXp brand and marketing resources, the education calendar, their CINC or Kunversion dashboards, and more.

eXp Enterprise Launchpage

eXp Enterprise Launchpad

Launchpad is the home screen after signing into eXp Enterprise. Dashboard can be accessed from the upper left-hand navigation. Attend the eXp Enterprise Training or just get in Enterprise and explore.

Want to learn more?

Join the eXp Enterprise Training to learn how to use and maximize the new tools. Upcoming classes:

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It’s a New World

As eXp Realty grows, the place where we communicate, collaborate and have fun needs to grow right along with it.

On Tuesday, we will launch a new version of eXp World that includes new, creative elements as well as performance, stability and usability improvements. Users will be able to experience new features that are based on feedback from agents, brokers and staff such as additional women’s clothing, emojis and even water sports you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home office!

We’ve heard from many agents that they want to work alongside others instead of by themselves in eXp World. To that end, we are testing a shared working environment where users can build community and collaborate in a team room. Team rooms are ideal for agent teams or state brokers. During the next few months, we will gather feedback on this concept and determine if groups want to “lease” team rooms.

It’s a new eXp world. Attend the eXp World Secrets Unveiled class or just get in there and explore the new and improved features:

1. Additional women’s clothing: New tops, jackets, skirts, pants and shoes. Go to settings in the top right-hand side of the screen and select “Change Avatar”.

Additional women’s clothing

2. Emojis for chat: Feeling a little sadness, joy or anger? Add some emotion to your chat. Just click on the emoji icon in the chat window, select and press enter.

Emojis for chat

3. Power boats in the lagoon: Take these out for a spin! From the “Welcome Area” take a right past the “Tech Outpost” and walk to the water.

Power boats in the lagoon

4. Co-working in the cloud: Test the co-working concept and see how you like it. Go to the first skyscraper, walk to the front doors and enter. Be sure to send us your feedback.

Co-working in the cloud

5. Share any website: With the new integrated browser, now users can share and interact with any website from every meeting room.

6. Simple screen share: Share a screen more easily with fully integrated or a personal account.

How to screen share with

  1. Click on the screen you wish to share on
  2. Click on “Share Your Screen” icon in lower right
    Click on “Share Your Screen” icon in lower right
  3. Follow the prompts on to set up an account (new users)
  4. Click on “Host”
  5. Use the control panel to select what you wish to share
    Use the control panel to select what you wish to share
    Use the control panel to select what you wish to share

7. Resizeable window: Easily resize the eXp World window by dragging or clicking on the “minimize/maximize” browser button.

8. Improved YouTube support: Videos automatically go to full screen and play/pause is synced with other users.

9. Improved Google slides support: Edit in eXp World. Enter link address in lower right URL box to automatically present.

To install the new version (starting Oct. 31):

Want to learn more?

Join the eXp World Secrets Unveiled class to learn how to maximize eXp World, the tools available and the secrets that are hidden within our cloud campus environment. Upcoming classes:

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With Unbelievable Growth Comes More Resources

Mary Frances Coleman

Mary Frances Coleman, chief operating officer at eXp Realty

Last month when we hired real estate industry veteran Mary Frances Coleman, the response from you was incredible. It was inspiring to see the warm welcome you all gave Mary Frances.

One reason we sought her out was for her broad operational skills where she ran entire businesses. Previously, Mary Frances was CEO and president at Realty Executives, LLC and also vice president of operations at HomeSmart International, both leading international brokerages.

Today, we are excited to share with you that Mary Frances will assume the newly established role of chief operating officer at eXp Realty and will report to eXp Realty CEO Jason Gesing. Mary Frances will leverage her extensive experience to oversee the operational parts of eXp Realty, including growth, productivity and compliance. She will partner with Kee Wah Chung, Alan Goldman, Scott Petronis and Mitch Robinson to ensure all activities are agent-focused and agent-driven. To this end, Mary Frances also will work closely with the eXp Realty Agent Advisory Council.

Kathy Gordon and Vikki Bartholomae have done a stellar job creating and implementing the important regional development leader and state administrative broker roles at eXp Realty. This great work will continue with Mary Frances providing directional leadership.

Allowing Jason, Kathy and Vikki to focus on their core area of responsibilities will benefit all current and future agents.

As we scale with this unbelievable growth, it is imperative that we put more resources toward the internal workings of eXp Realty. Mary Frances will be the yin to Jason’s yang. Now Jason will be able to spend more time leading our agent attraction efforts throughout North America, while Mary Frances leads the decision-making process on policy and financial matters. I’m counting on her to make important decisions that benefit our agents and also the ongoing sustainability of our company.

It is also important that we put more resources toward growth, productivity and compliance to ensure success now and in the years to come. I strongly believe we have the right leaders in place to continue to scale the company. I get more pumped every day about where we’re headed. I hope you do, too. #SuperStoked

Glenn Sanford
Founder, chairman and CEO of eXp World Holdings

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What’s​ ​New​ ​With​ ​eXp​ ​Enterprise

If you haven’t taken a look at eXp Enterprise lately — or ever, this is the time to do it!

The team has been hard at work taking your feedback and creating useful features for you.

My​ ​Capping​ ​Details:​ ​In Transaction Overview, agents and restricted staff can see how close
they are to capping on each closed transaction and export it to Excel.

  1. Total $ toward Cap: Running total paid toward capping status within the agent’s
    anniversary year.
  2. Cap % reached: Percentage reached toward cap within the agent’s anniversary year.

Personal​ ​Performance​ ​Metrics:​ ​In Transaction Overview, agents can see metrics important for
capping: Anniversary date, current performance (amount paid in toward reaching cap within the
anniversary year) and cap % reached (percentage reached toward cap within the agent’s
calendar year).

Transaction​ ​View:​ Improved transaction visibility enables agents to follow their transactions at
every move.

My​ ​Rev​ ​Share​ ​Report:​ ​If you have agents in your revenue share group, we added “Cap %” so
you can see how close agents are to capping.

Joining​ ​Agent​ ​Vetting:​ ​The Agent Services team can view joining agents by a pre-vetted
indicator on the trello board. Vetting rules have been applied behind the scenes to allow for
easy review of the application.

Finance​ ​Upload​ ​Documents:​ ​Finance managers can upload documents on the agent profile
page. This feature will mostly be used for W-9s and other financial documents.
Sign in and check out the updates today!

Joining​ ​Agent​ ​Vetting:​ ​The Agent Services team can view joining agents by a pre-vetted
indicator on the trello board. Vetting rules have been applied behind the scenes to allow for
easy review of the application.

Finance​ ​Upload​ ​Documents:​ ​Finance managers can upload documents on the agent profile
page. This feature will mostly be used for W-9s and other financial documents.

Sign in and check out the updates today!

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What I learned at Inman’s Indie Broker Summit

Kee Wah ChungInman asked me to speak at their new Indie Broker Summit earlier this week. They have been watching our phenomenal growth and were curious. Curious about virtual officing. Curious about what works … and what doesn’t. And I heard Inman staff recently went virtual, so I was curious, too. So, off I went to San Francisco to speak to about 1,000 brokers and industry leaders about the good, bad and ugly of a virtual office.

We kicked off the morning with an interview-style session that helped the audience learn more about eXp and the benefits and pitfalls of a virtual office. What got the most attention was when I said, “virtual officing is not for everyone.” Many brokers just look at it as a way to cut costs when it really should be about taking money saved and using it to add value back to the agents and their clients. I also saw people taking rapid notes when I talked about how to go virtual. My advice was: Don’t chase after technology and use your agents as guinea pigs. The key drivers should be culture, brand identity and the services you want to provide.

Then I led a group discussion during lunch to a full table. People are people and wanted to hear all the pitfalls of going virtual, but we also had productive conversations about — Why go virtual? What’s in it for me as a broker? How do my agents benefit? Does this help meet the needs of my clients?

It was very evident that brokers were interested in delivering a virtual experience — they just didn’t know where to start or what to think about.

If Inman was curious, attendees were curious. So, I want to share my three key pillars that a broker should consider before going virtual: Agent engagement, change management and agent experience.

  • Agent Engagement: Engaging with agents is 10 times more important when going virtual. The agent will no longer have the ability to come into a brick-and-mortar office, have water cooler talks and build their relationships in person. Providing alternate means of engagement is vital such as live webinars (preferably video), local or community events, and a rhythm of business with predictable engagement.
  • Change Management: Change is an evolution, not a revolution – it’s a process. Find a standard framework for change that works for you and stick to it. The Prosci ADKAR model is a good place to start. It is a goal-oriented change management model to guide individual and organizational change.
  • Agent Experience: What is the value you are delivering back to the agent and what should the virtual experience be? Make sure you engage with agents before any significant change is made, check in and ask for feedback.

I walked away from the experience with a renewed sense of how special eXp is and that we are really doing something different than any other brokerage in North America. We are leading the way in driving next-gen engagement for agents, brokers and staff by delivering a robust, cloud-based experience through eXp World. It’s an exciting time to be with eXp Realty!

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Come Together, Right Now at EXPCON


Glenn Sanford and Ian Marshall

Ian Marshall and Glenn Sanford at EXPCON 2016

For the past few weeks, you’ve probably heard over and over about EXPCON 2017 and the fantastic value you’ll get by attending. Well, I want to tell you myself — believe the hype!

This will be our fourth EXPCON and I know without a doubt it will top the rest. Why? Because of all of you — your passion for eXp and the awesome community we’ve created as a team.

From eXp golf and Olympics to the general session and networking events, there isn’t one minute you’ll question the benefits. What you’ll experience is everyone collaborating and having fun while sharing best practices, commiserating over a challenge, learning a new skill or toasting a win.

“The world we live in has changed forever” – Stefan Swanepoel at EXPCON 2016

This is our time to come together as one big eXp family. One of the great benefits for me is that I get to see and engage with all of you in the community. I want everyone to stop me in the hall, on the beach or wherever and introduce yourself. We may be more than 4,000 agents strong now, but I honestly care deeply about you and this great company we are building. I genuinely want to see each and every one of you in Fort Lauderdale in October!

It also is super important that we stay as a team at the fabulous event hotel — registering without also securing a hotel room is like buying the cotton candy and popcorn, but not a ticket to the circus. It was sweet, but you didn’t get the whole experience.

Marriott Harbor Beach Resort for EXPCON 2017

So, don’t spend time sweating in taxis or rental cars when you can spend that time socializing with friends at the beautiful resort. By the end of this week, I hope you register for the event and the hotel. These are two separate things you can do at the same time at Some nights are in danger of selling out, so register and book your hotel room today!

If you have any questions at all, just email [email protected].

Until then, see you in eXp World!

Glenn Sanford
Founder, chairman and CEO of eXp World Holdings

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Be an ICON!

ICON Award

Sean Hettich receives an eXp ICON Award from Glenn Sanford

One of the many reasons I love being part of eXp Realty is the fantastic benefits we offer agents. With so many new faces in our world, you may not know about the ICON Agent Program. It provides each qualified eXp agent with up to $16,000 in publicly traded eXp World Holdings, Inc. common stock upon the achievement of certain production and cultural goals within an agent’s anniversary year.

Yes, $16,000 — that is just amazing! Through the program, you can effectively earn up to your entire cap amount back in the form of public company stock … every year.

New this year, eXp Enterprise is tracking your production requirements and automatically notifies us when you attain this outstanding goal. You no longer need to submit an application. Once you reach this level, we will schedule an interview with you and the ICON Vetting Committee.

Most importantly, you will be honored at the EXPCON Awards Gala in Fort Lauderdale in October. If you haven’t signed up to attend this professionally valuable and fun event, do it today! And don’t forget to book your room before the special rate is sold out. Good luck and I hope to see all of you in Fort Lauderdale in October!


The following criteria apply for anniversary years beginning in 2016 and 2017.


Cultural goal: Demonstrates company culture through giving back by: Teaching a class, serving on a panel or serving on a committee; and

Cultural goal: Demonstrates a willingness to promote eXp Realty within their community.

Production requirement: $16,000 paid in company cap plus capped status transactions in the same anniversary year resulting in capped status transaction fees of not less than $5,000.

Approval by the ICON Vetting Committee


Cultural goal: Demonstrates company culture through giving back by: Teaching a class, serving on a panel or serving on a committee; and

Cultural goal: Demonstrates a willingness to promote eXp Realty within their community.

Production requirement: $16,000 paid in company cap plus capped status transactions in the same anniversary year resulting in capped status transaction fees of not less than $5,000, OR

Production requirement: Annual gross commission income of $500,000 or more with a minimum of 10 closed transactions and payment of an “ICON Qualifying Fee” equal to $5,000 less capped transaction fees paid during the same anniversary year.

Approval by the ICON Vetting Committee

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October in Florida? You bet!


Planning an event for one thousand or more of your closest soon-to-be friends is both scary and exhilarating — and that’s just the way I like it.

Marriott Harbor Beach Resort and Spa

Our team has put a ton of effort into planning our October event and we’ll be working on it hard until the last guest returns home. Our guiding light is that we need to provide great content and an unbelievable experience. We know you want to learn from company leadership and each other, make new friends, get a ton of referrals and have a lot of fun.

And while I don’t want to give up all of our surprises just yet, how could you miss an event with topics and games that include “Core Value Convo”, “eXp Match Game” and my personal favorite: “The Superfantabulous eXp Referral Speed Meet & Greet.”

Our location, the Fort Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa is truly breathtaking. A beach beyond compare, an awesome pool and so much more. Vikki Bartholomae and I were recently in Fort Lauderdale, so watch here as we share our excitement for what will be an event you will never forget.

 Here are a few quick links to make sure EXPCON is everything you want it to be:

Go to our special event website right now to register for both the event and your room. We anticipate a sell out and when the hotel fills up, there is nothing we can do to help you — even if we wanted to!

We could not be more excited about EXPCON 2017. We’ll be sharing even more details in the weeks ahead!


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